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BestHire's clients include Fortune 500 corporations, small and medium-size companies, government agencies, and startups. From grocery stores to federal contractors, we provide a high level of customer service and in-depth reports to take the guess work out of backgrounds. 

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I strongly recommend Carl Slicer for any job that requires quick thinking, great organizational skills, and the ability to get the job done! I have the pleasure of using BestHire to provide a quick turnaround for background checks as well as providing other important aspects for me to hire qualified employees. They juggle literally hundreds of other organizations, making their jobs easier and, by extension, helping our firm again hire the best. Carl is efficient and effective in his professional role, but also takes the time to ensure his clients receive exactly what they really need. I wish all people that I work with could be as helpful as Carl. Any company that hires Carl will find their money well spent.”

Mark Etre, Stevenson & Associates, Boston, Mass.  

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