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Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

Do you C-TPAT ? Minimum Security Criteria for Sea Carriers. March 1, 2006. These minimum security criteria for sea carriers are effective March 1, 2006. Any new sea carrier applying to the C-TPAT program after this effective date must demonstrate in their security self-assessment profile that they are meeting or exceeding these baseline security criteria before the applicant will be accepted into the C-TPAT program. All sea carriers currently enrolled into the C-TPAT program will be afforded 90 days from the effective date to meet or exceed these minimum security criteria. Existing members are not required to resubmit an updated security self assessment. Rather, after the 90-day implementation period, when a sea carrier member becomes subject to the C-TPAT validation process, the validation process will be used to determine if the sea carrier is meeting these minimum-security criteria. US Customs

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