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      Founded prior to 9/11, BestHire, LLC has grown and adapted from an era in which pre employment screening services were hardly a consideration to the present in which most employers find them mandatory.  Safeguarding the assets and reputation of your company, whether it be in house or in the field, is our primary objective. Our products range from simple credit, criminal, motor vehicle records to employment and education verifications to physical and mental health exams to drug testing and beyond.


      Fulfilling your background checking needs in an efficient, expeditious, cost effective manner is our specialty.  Proficient at following the most stringent guidelines of federal government contractors to more basic FCRA due diligence rules, we have the answers to your hiring issues.  Our customers include overseas defense and security contractors, healthcare facilities, staffing agencies, engineering firms, nonprofits, supermarket chains, building and home improvement contractors, sales and marketing firms, and just about any other industry you may think of!  Call us to discuss solutions specific to your needs.

Office Tel 800-539-0055  Vernon, Conn. http://www.besthire.com/   

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